Making Trees

Miniature Trees and Bushes

Making it look real

Okay, you could debate buying or building and the cost effectiveness of it all. Depends again. Myself I have never seen a better looking miniature tree than these. Well, not the ones in this picture but similar to these.

This is actually a picture of ones that I found behind my work table when I moved it.

I put it here to illustrate - perfection is relative.

Nature is misshaped somewhat.

Easy Trees

Yes, you can buy them. See my store or the White Elephant.


Natural Sources

The dried roots of several plants work. Sunflower plant roots look great. Off of a large sunflower root ball you can usually find two or three really great looking swamp trees.

Dryed Baby's Breath plants painted brown and flocked look good enough Woodland Scenics will sell them to you. Why people buy them instead of making them I don't know.


More Trees

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