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Okay, you could debate buying or building and the cost effectiveness of it all. Depends again. Myself I have never seen a better looking miniature tree than these. Well, not the ones in this picture but similar to these.

This is actually a picture of ones that I found behind my work table when I moved it.

I put it here to illustrate - perfection is relative.

Nature is misshaped somewhat.

Anyway, back to flocking!

Stick a couple of the trees into a scrap piece of styrofoam and spray your glue down from the top of the tree only in order to cover only the top half of the branches.flocking_1

Quickly move over to your pile of flocking and sprinkle some down from the top covering the branches. flocking_2



Turn the trees over upside down and gently tap the bottom to shake off any excess flocking on to the clean newspaper.flocking_3




Repeat in any necessary spots. But again irregularity makes it look natural. After the glue has dried spay them with a clear matte lacquer for protection.


Here is another tip: cheap unscented hair spray is almost all clear matte lacquer. Just in different packaging. The cheaper it is the more lacquer it contains.




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