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Tree Trunks

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So, now that you have debated buying or building and the cost effectiveness of it all and have decided to make your own.

You will be happy with the way these come out. Myself I have never seen a better looking miniature tree than these. Well, not the ones in this picture but similar to these.

This is actually a picture of ones that I found down behind my work table when I moved it.

I put it here to illustrate - perfection is relative. Nature is somewhat misshaped.

If you are making your tree trunks. Try not to make them all the same. Identical twins are very rare and clones are just down right creepy. Nature has all shapes and sizes.

This section concerns straight trunked trees like the conifers.

For deciduous trees go here - Wire Trunks

Making Tree Trunks

SAFETY - Practice it

The first step in making any of the trees is the manufacturing of the trunk itself. Almost all of my trees are made in one of two ways, either wires covered in a flexible coating or I use wooden dowels. I’ll cover the dowels in this section and the deciduous types later on.

The first step is to cut your wooden dowels to the correct length. cut_treeFor war gaming, four to six inches lengths is approximately the same as twenty to thirty foot trees. For doweling, I use 1/8”, 1/4”, and plain round toothpicks the most.

This is where the electric drill comes in extremely handy. If you don’t have one start with the fine wood rasp and holding the dowel flat on a work surface taper the end to a long point. You can use coarse sandpaper to do this too.

You need to taper the dowel.drill_tree



The idea here is to take the piece of doweling and to shape it like a tree.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, just pointy!

Using a drill with a belt sander like shown in the picture to the right will speed up the tree tapering by many, many minutes. If you don’t have a belt sander, the drill and using the sandpaper in hand or stapled to a work surface will work too, just not quite as fast.
Or as mentioned, use your wood rasp to rough it out and then hand sand to finish.

Make it pointy on both ends so you can mount them in your terrain easier. I use a pencil sharpener later on if I forgot to point the base with the sander.

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