Dwarven King Casting


Some times you just can't find what you need and if you happen to, usually they want too much for it.

I'm going to try and give you some hints as to how I go about it and then like me, you will have to go out and spend a bunch of money on materials, make a mess, a bunch of failed experiments, and learn as you go.

Hopefully I can at least save you a little funds and give you a starting point.

The king statue here is cast out of plastic, I made a silicone mold from the original sculpture, (which was made from Sculpty.)

A Word on Scale

When sculpting, different sizes and uses will require different materials. For tiny stuff I use "Green stuff", for bigger pieces I use Sculpty or Fimo, large pieces I use Sculptamold or my own similar mixture, and for really big pieces I use a concrete mixture.

The bigger you go the more internal supports are required too. Usually a simply wire frame is enough.


I'm not going to lie. Nor am I going to spend hours typing something done by someone better at it than me.

This guy is good -

Just don't for get where you got the tip from and come back and visit.


If you don't know it is a low-temp firing polymer clay. Fairly safe, if you don't overheat it. Wash hands often! Probably should ventilate when baking.

Fimo is harder when dried than sculpty.


OTHER: Outdoor Sculpture

For outdoor stuff I use concrete or the mixture below. There is a dura-stone stuff I have seen that is pretty interesting, affordable too. Looks like stone, but can't remember the name of it.

Light Weight Concrete
(Ideal for planters and Garden Art)

  • Take 2 parts Peat Moss
  • 1 part Cement (regular cheap type)
  • 1 part Perolite

Mix together with water till you have a cookie dough consistency. Use it to cover things (I have an old bath tub covered with about 100 Johnny Jump-ups in it and a garbage can covered which doubles as a planter and a waterfall for my pond.)
You can also make planters by; lining a cardboard box with plastic, (being neat does not matter), then goop the mixture in covering the inside of the box about an inch to 1-1/2 inches thick. Make drainage holes in the bottom with your finger or a stick. Let it dry over night and pop it out of the box.

Here is a picture of the six foot garden dragon I made out of this stuff. (And a sad snowman.)



That will be in the casting section, which I'm workin' on.

Here is a cool video I came across. Worth watchin'.
World War - 3D Animation @ University Of Hertfordshire 2008
from Digital Animation Herts Uni UK on Vimeo
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