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I've listed these in order of cheapest to most expensive.

  • The junk pile. (Man, I never throw anything away).
  • The broken toy and appliance bin. (Like I said I never throw anything away these are also found everywhere, from dentist offices and the back of Salvation Army Stores to neighbours and Grandparent's places; Just Ask and Receive!)
  • Construction Sites. (Again, Ask and Receive!)
  • Roadway allowances, vacant lots and along the sidewalk. (Twigs and thing-a-ma-jigs. Also great on garbage days, you never know what you might fine.)
  • Thrift Stores, Salvation Army Stores, Junk Stores. These are the best suppliers of experimental materials. Cheap prices or they use to be before “the collectors” arrived. Still an excellent resource. You have to browse daily as the really good stuff lasts about 15 minutes before someone snags it.
  • Dollar stores, Five and Dimes. (showing my age with that as you can't buy much for a nickel anymore). These are undoubtedly the best places to buy acrylic paints and fairly decent brushes, toys etc. (Judgement call! Do you refuse to purchase anything obviously made by some third world kid who will never be able to play with it, or do you let him keep his shitty job?) Oh well, the paint is made here.
  • Hobby Stores. I've put these ahead of the big box and hardware stores because, if you don't support them they'll be gone. Plus they have the really cool specialty stuff.
    Note: They are a wealth of knowledge, ideas and help, support them.
  • Hardware Stores Good ol' Crappy Tire (Did you know Canadian Tire started a law suit in order to be able to keep and use that affectionate name). And neck 'n' neck is Home Hardware.
  • Big Box Retailers Ya you can find stuff there. Sometimes you do what you have to do.
    Libraries They have pictures of what ever you want to make. Sometimes instructions too.




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