Materials, Tools, and Supplies

(Scuplture, Casting and Molding)


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Materials I use the most

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of paris is great for quick castings and for making slurries for coating walls and terrain pieces.

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Models like clay, sets up plaster hard in 30 minutes. Stronger than Plaster of Paris. When dry it can be sanded, sawed, carved, or nailed. Can be painted with most paint.

It comes in 3lb bags normally but there are 50lb bags available. Just not in Canada.

The useless hobby stores here don't even carry it.

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Hydrocal, Potters Plaster, etc.

Shop around it comes in big bags!!!

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2-Part Silicone Rubber (RTV)

Room temperature vulcanizing rubber. is the place to start if you want information on molds and the products. There are quite a few types of RTV rubber out there, but these guys know what they are doing. I buy mine from a distributor in Alberta, the BC guys is a jerk (it has been 3 years since I or two of the other companies in town that use the stuff have even tried to contact the guy again. i.e. he has missed out on several thousand now)


Lego - Mega

Lego blocks or Mega blocks are excellent for making your mold boxes .


Play Clay - Plasticine

Plasticine works great in the molding process, especially during two-piece mold creation. I have used it for simply castings, by just pressing my piece into it and filling the void with hydrocal.



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