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Special Effect Materials I Use


E-Z Water

It is not very easy! Requires some practise and preparations.

Basically, you melt the little plastic pieces and pour the molten plastic where you want the water to be.

Tips: Build up your terrain piece with plaster where the water is going as quite often you need to reheat the application, if you do not have the plaster there your foam will melt. Do not overheat, unless you want your water to be a yellowish colour.


Realistic Water

Prep the area with paint and flock and just pour from the bottle.

Use thin coats ( 1/8" ) letting dry in between to build up pools.


Water Effects

Excellent for rapids, fast moving water, waterfalls, etc. Use it straight from the bottle. It goes on white in clour and dries to clear.

TIPS: Add a layer, let dry, dry brush tips white, add another layer.



Excellent stuff.

Thin layers ( 1/8" ), takes awhile to dry, but does so crystal clear.


Clear Silicone

Various brands available, great for waterfalls and rapids.

Stinks! You'll need ventilation.

Other Handy Stuff


Casting Resin

Multiple use. Stinks too.


Cereal Boxes

The cardboard from these I use for templates, detailing, brick work, roofing shingles, paint palets and more.



Use as a flexible, non-cracking coating over foam or as a sealer under E-Z Water. Create heavy snow drifts by applying Flex Paste and sprinkling Soft Flake Snow on top.Versatile adhesive for use with a variety of materials. Expensive though. I like it for doing touch ups and for filling areas by windows, doors, etcetera.


Metal Effects paint

Two part metal effects paint. Various brands. You paint on with the first part a base coat, let it dry and add a second coat. You let this 'cure' over night. Then you paint on the second part, which is normally and oxidizing agent. This will give you, rust, tarnish, etc. depending on what type of base paint you are using.



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