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Tools I use the most

Jig Saw :

Cutting out bases from the hardboard.

Coping Saw

Nice and cheap. Extremely useful.

Keyhole Saw

As you are mostly cutting styrofoam with it, you do not need an expensive one. Mine was $2.

Rotary Tool

I use this a fair amount too. The three bits shown on top are the ones I use the most. Two are fast removal types and the other is a cutter.

Scroll Saw

I use this a fair amount now that I have one. Next purchase will be a band saw.


Wood Rasps (Various brands)

Again, as you are using these on styrofoam, you do not need expensive ones. Go look at the thrift store or Salmart first. Then try a dollar store.

Riffler Rasps

I think my set was $8.95. They are like the little riffler files for metal, but are coarse toothed. These little wood rasps are great for fine detailing the foams.

Flour Sifter

Excellent for making flocking for ground cover. Cleaning flock.


Wood Shaver

This tool is great for tapering the edges of the base boards. You can use it on your foam too.

I have taken one of the blades and attached it over the end of a vacumn hose. I use it for shaping foams and cleaning up the bits at the same time.


A good Olfa knife

Nothing beats a good olfa.

Many sizes to choose from, worth the price.
Cheap replacement blades do not last worth ... on the foam. You need to buy decent blades. Buy the black ones if you can afford them.

A set of hobby knives and misc blades

A required item. Get them on sale for $10.

You can buy a handle and cheap blades at the dollar store. Then go to the hobby or art store and get some replacement blades.

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Cutting Tools

Another required item.
Sometimes scissors just won't cut it.

The 'Stanley" snips are nice, but a set of tin snips should be your first buy, don't pay anymore than $5 a piece.


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