Painting styrofoam and high density foams

Foam for Diorama and Gaming Terrain Making

All of the foams need to be coated with something and/or painted.
Use foam friendly glue or a good quality white bond glue.

White Styrofoam

It works. Its free. It looks like buildings. Add doors and windows coat with a goopin' mix or white glue, paint and detail.

Hi-density foams

On finding foam yourself - Home Depot, Rona, or most well stocked building supply stores:

The pink stuff - most commonly used is called - FOAMULAR® rigid foam insulation (made by Owens Corning).
It is also called - Cel-Lok® Rigid Extruded Polystyrene

The blue stuff most commonly used is called - by DOW).

Over in the UK and elsewhere: The yellow type is called - Polyfoam XPS extruded polystyrene made by knauf-insulation.
(Fairly new in the UK is Dow Floormate 300-A insulation)
There is something called Celotex Cavity Wall Board that some one is checking out for me too.

Search or ask for for rigid foam insulation extruded from polystyrene. It is a closed cell insulant, water/vapour tight, CFC and HCFC free.

Someone also said: Det finns på dom flesta byggvaruhusen. 2 som jag bekräftat har det (har köpt därifrån) är Coop Bygg (blåa varianten) och Bauhaus (oranga varianten). Finns vid "isolerings-avdelningen", dom har ofta vanlig frigolit där också.

Steve the Kamloopian's - Goop Coating mix

My secret coating mixture. Originally, I had to think quite awhile on whether or not I wanted to tell anybody this. I'd like to just say use Flex-Paste but..., share share-a-like. So here is what I do:

I mix cheap acrylic caulking ($2 a tube 20yr paintable type), with white bond type glue or Weldbond brand, and water with plain plaster of paris and sometimes I add a bit of dollar store (cheap) acrylic paint. Depending on what I am doing I add stuff to this mix or use different amounts of each. Experiment.

The real secret is in how to mix the caulking! Which comes in various colours. (I use brown and grey the most)

Step one: get a disposable container. Next squirt some caulking into the container, add what you figure will be enough white glue, (50-50?). Weldbond is expensive so... add what you can afford I guess.

Mix these two together thoroughly!

add the water, again as much as you figure. (1-prt goop mix to 5-prts water?)
Note: You can not mix in the caulking in if you do not do it this way.

Mix well.

Next, using a flour sifter to get rid of lumps and other crud, start adding plaster-of-paris mixing all the while. Add the plaster until it is thick enough for your application. Thicker is just that, plus it will harden faster.

That's it! One of my big secrets.

As mentioned: The caulking comes in grey, white, ivory and brown. Plus you can add in acrylic paint into the mixture. Or, while it is still wet on your foam add paint with a brush.

As I said experiment.


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