Buildings - Floors, Walls, Roofs

Miniature Buildings for Gaming and Diorama Displays



It always surprised me when I saw people playing with wonderfully painted miniatures and using things like tissue boxes for buildings. What the...

Although some just don't have the talent, space to, or the time to make their own terrain. The rest just do not know where to start. There are some neat kits out there, (I'm putting together some too, heh-heh), most are too expensive to create an entire table set though. Once you have made a few, duplicate pieces start coming in handy, and they can be worth searching out, (pre-made windows, doors, etc). But for now, I'll show you how to make your own. Besides, as each are individually made, they will look more realistic.

Being a Serf out west here, I will try and show you the most cost effective method of construction.

A Word on Scale

Develop your own style! I have an acquaintance who made buildings.
They were all distorted looking and not the right scale, the windows and doors all slightly skewed. They look like 3-dimensional, well drawn cartoons.

They were great and eBayers paid a high price for them.

If it looks good, you did it right.

I have extra men to hold up against things for scale checking, some times I just use a stick broken off at the right height to judge window and door heights or to see if the particular tree is going to look okay.

What will make your scene look good is a variety of textures, shapes and sizes.

I like to try and keep my doors and windows the same size in for each building. And if you are making several of the same type, i.e. a chateau or farm setting, keep them consistent. i.e. If you are making brick buildings in a town, more than likely they would of come from the same maker and will all be the same size.