Building - Video Series - Foam and Cardboard

High Density Foams

On finding foam yourself - Home Depot, Rona, or most well stocked building supply stores. They use it in insulating.

The pink stuff most commonly used is called - FOAMULAR® rigid foam insulation (made by Owens Corning). It is also called - Cel-Lok® Rigid Extruded Polystyrene

The blue stuff most commonly used is called - STYROSPAN™ extruded polystyrene insulation (made by DOW).

Over in the UK:
It is a yellow type. Somebody send info please.

Det finns på dom flesta byggvaruhusen. 2 som jag bekräftat har det (har köpt därifrån) är Coop Bygg (blåa varianten) och Bauhaus (oranga varianten). Finns vid "isolerings-avdelningen", dom har ofta vanlig frigolit där också.


Here is a step by step in "almost real time" (thirty 10 min sections)

Using scrap pieces and everyday cheap tools and supplies.
At the end you should be able to make your own buildings no problem.
(Sorry for the mumbling, eh.)

The gooping starts at ep19
a.k.a. ...the diorama and game terrain recipe for coating and painting styrofoam.
The rubbled scenery piece is in 28mm scale for use in playing Warhammer 40K

No Foam?

Below is an easy method for using cheap cardboard and
recycled cereal boxes. A FOW 15mm WWII farm house.

Working with recycled cardboard

(and it is not as long as the other)


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Starting with the Walls

Walls - What to use and the basics >MORE>>