We are going to be making changes here!

The site has needed some attention and updating for quite awhile. No funds, self worth, and life crisis after crisis has kept me pretty much fubared for the last couple or so years.

Anyway, long story short, someone finally contacted me about working, collaborating, contributing, helping build the site into something like I had originally envisioned.

So over the next little while (or longer, heh heh) We'll be under construction


Game Terrain and Diorama making.


What's in the snews?

I have again started up again. Again.

The sister sites miniature-painting Info are for sale. Make me an offer.


Do you sell game terrain? Want to promote, advertise, sell it to people interested in it and for a reasonable price?
(note: reasonable price - contact your local daily newspaper in regards to running a small one week only ad with a picture. It will way more cost effective here and actually be read by your target market, probably a heck of a lot cheaper too. )
Contact me in regards to selling on Game-Terrain.com